Yearbook Sponsorship

The ICT welcomes industry sponsorship of its ICT Yearbook and is grateful to those companies that have supported it in recent years. The Institute offers a package of benefits to companies looking to support ICT Yearbook.

As a Yearbook sponsor you will receive:

  • Editorial acknowledgement in the Yearbook
  • A full-page colour advertisement in the Yearbook
  • Four quarter-page adverts (or choice of content) in our quarterly newsletter
  • A presence on the ICT website
  • £1,500 (+VAT)

Previous yearbook sponsors have included:

Year Company
2020-21 Solidia
2018-19 Ferroglobe
2015-16 David Ball Group

Yearbook advertisers:

Year Company
2019-20 BASF, Breedon, Ecocem, Elkem, ICE Publishing, LKAB
2018-19 BASF, Breedon, Ferroglobe, ICE Publishing, Leeds, LKAB
2017-18 BASF, Breedon, Converge, Hanson, Leeds, LKAB
2016-17 BASF, C-Probe, GCP Applied Technologies, Leeds, LKAB
2015-16 BASF, Cemfree, Sika, Leeds, LKAB
2014-15 Cemfree, Central Midland, Elkem, Hanson, LKAB, QSRMC, TALENT, Techform
2013-14 BASF, Central Midland, Chryso, Derby, Isolearn, LKAB, Omega, Pudlo, QSRMC, Queen's University, Techform Specialities
2012-13 BASF, Central Midland Labs, Construct, Hi-Tec, Isolearn, Mangabhai Consulting, Minelco, Omega QA, Pudlo
2011-12 BASF, Construct, Grace, Hi-Tec, Minelco, Omega QA, QSRMC