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For the latest ICT news and reports, visit our BLOG

Professional Development

The ICT exists to encourage and facilitate the professional development of its members, through the arranging and approval of CPD-registered activities and the verification of members' CPD records. This extends to supporting third-party recognition of professional status through registration with bodies such as CSCS and the Engineering Council.

Continuing Professional Development

The Institute of Concrete Technology regards Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as a necessary process to maintain and enhance the value of its members' professional qualification.

The Institute's definition of CPD is deliberately broad and can include any activity contributing towards the overall objective. The definition has two parts, the first of which is concerned with the acquisition of knowledge and the improvement of skill in a professional context. The second part is concerned with the development of personal qualities which can be gained both in and outside professional business life.

Guidance is available from the Executive Officer, from whom certificates of attendance at CPD-registered events arranged by the ICT may be requested

CPD approval service

Organisations or individuals running concrete technology-related events (seminars, workshops, training courses) may apply to have event content reviewed and approved by the Institute of Concrete Technology.

For more details, please click here to e-mail

Record your CPD

The Institute of Concrete Technology There is an obligatory requirement for each member of the Institute of Concrete Technology (except Honorary Fellows, students and retired members) to gain a minimum of 25 CPD hours per annum. As a guide, 75% of this time should be spent on technical development and 25% on personal development.

On an annual basis, the Institute's Admission and Membership Committee may request a random selection of Institute of Concrete Technology members to submit their records for checking. In addition, to transfer from one grade to another, members will be required to submit completed CPD records to the Admission and Membership Committee for checking.

CPD record form

Keeping a record is to your advantage

Record your CPD via the APP

As all ICT members know, it is a requirement of membership to maintain a record of their individual 'continuing professional development'. This record may be called upon for review by the Professional Development Committee at any point, to ensure the member is keeping up to date with professional developments.

Some members took up the CPD app we introduced in partnership with MPQC and this worked well, enabling a uniformity of reports. Unfortunately, that app software is now obsolete.

The ICT has agreed, via MPQC, with the Institute of Quarrying to use their version. This has been sorted out and is available to everyone who previously had the MPQC one. As the 'Guinea pig' for the IoQ app, I can report that this works, it is easy to use and gives a very clear display of the data. Said data can be presented as an Excel sheet for electronic transfer, or printed and sent in if you are called to justify your CPD.

If you do not have such an app - and are still writing it all out longhand - then this is so much better!

Please contact me (via our Executive Officer) to learn more.

Rob Lewis
Chair, Technical and Education Committee